This course dives into the technical world of PC hardware and computer networks.  You will learn how to build a PC from off-the-shelf components, perform system upgrades, install different operating systems, and set up a fully functional computer network consisting of switches, routers, wireless access points and servers.  By taking this course, you will be well-prepared to enter an IT program at university or college.

Ever wondered how computer programs (apps) are written?  This course is designed for students wishing to enter Computer Science or Software Development at university or college, or for those who simply want to learn how to code for fun.  You will learn the fundamentals of designing and writing programs, including variables, functions, flow control, interaction, objects and arrays.  Coding will be done in Processing, which is based on Java, one of the most popular programming languages in use today.

Want to take your coding skills even further?  This course will give you the opportunity to work on a series of projects involving classic arcade games written in the Processing language.  You will also learn how to use various Processing libraries that allow you to write apps that run on Android tablets and smartphones, utilize Microsoft Kinect video and motion capture cameras, and interface with Arduino electronics kits.  Projects in this course will mostly be done independently, though you will have a chance to try some pair programming.

Build and program a robot, code your own 3D animated story, and design a poster for a movie festival, all with the help of your computer.  This Mosaic module will introduce you to some of the learning opportunities that can be found in the Computer Technology elective courses at CHSS.

Computers have become powerful tools that empower designers and artists.  In this course, you will choose from several modules involving different types of digital media projects:  2D Graphic Design using Photoshop, 3D Modelling & Animation using Blender (and our 3D printer!) and Digital Video Production using Premiere Pro and After Effects.  Other project topics may be considered based on student interest.

Mr. Wick's Info Tech 11 / 12 course

This course will introduce you to the world of electronics using the popular Arduino programmable microcontroller, a favourite with electronics hobbyists.  You will complete a variety of beginner-friendly projects based on the Arduino while learning about electronic components, circuits and coding.

Put all that childhood Lego experience to good use as you design, build and program your Lego Mindstorms robot to complete a series of challenges.  You will learn about robotics principles, design techniques, and how robots are used in industry.